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Provide a transformative education to bright boys now!

Too many academically-advanced boys disengage from schools that don't serve them well. GJA challenges and nurtures smart young men so they can thrive and become tomorrow's leaders.

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Each fall, our eighth graders write essays as part of their applications to the city's most prestigious high schools, programs they might never have considered attending before they joined us at George Jackson Academy. One of our alumni, Carl, wrote, "I live in Soundview, Bronx. Worn out sneakers are hung on top of wires, drugs are sold, and gang territory is marked. I used to think that the neighborhood made the young man. Now, however, I realize that we have the ability to change our paths. My environment was getting the best of me—but exposure to GJA, to education and opportunity such as debating, active classes, and passionate writing made me feel whole."

There is no greater prize than these hopeful words: the story of a young man whose life, ideals, and opportunities were transformed at George Jackson Academy. Carl is one of many young men who leave GJA ready to tackle the challenge of high school, the commitment of college, and life beyond.

With 75% of GJA families for New York City, our graduates' great success is made possible only through the sustained, generous support of many benefactors. The school commits to raising over 90% of its operating budget annually in order to give students a life-changing education.

We are so grateful for your support of this important work. GJA changes lives, you can too with a gift to our annual fund today.